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Celebrate! You have a heart celebrated to love and be grateful.Courage go forward with a great heart. We Cancelled our grand celebration but the Lord made it in a simple way..This is the plan of Jesus the Good Shepherd. We celebrated in our convents with our own community members, people and lay partners.

The Good Shepherd Sisters visited a village called Gajabapura,a rural village with a Sinhala Minority Community in the Welioya Division in Mullaitivu District. These people were victims of the earlier war and were forced to move from this village to refugee camps. The M/Paranagama Wewa School of the area was also destroyed during this war in 1999 and was reopened on 26th February 2015.

Dire conditions
The present living conditions of these people who are under the poverty line is very difficult, with neither proper housing nor sanitary facilities. Electricity supply is very limited and the children who are undernourished with barely one good meal a day are sent to school under dire conditions. As a result they need to be encouraged and supported emotionally, socially and economically.

Good Shepherd response
Sisters Irene, Rasangi, Gowsala and Saminthini visited some of the houses as a result.
We had a workshop for parents of children at the school – M/ParanagamaWewa School on 30th January 2016. It was organized by Sr. Lakshmi and a group of teachers from Colombo.

Now we are engaged in a Nutritional Program, and also visit this area creating a child friendly safe space for the children through various activities.

5Sister Immaculate de Alwis and her team of supporters visited Welikade Prison on 22 May 2017.  They formally handed over boxes of books for the Prison Library.  This is a contribution to Vocational Training within the Prison, which prepares the women prisoners for their release.  

English classes with a difference
We have English language classes for the people in prison, and last December about 50 of them did the GCE ordinary level English paper.  The majority passed the exam, and some of them received credit passes.
The classes are organized in such a way, so that qualified prisoners are the teachers.  The students have to treat the teacher with the same respect that a student in school would treat the teacher.  In this way the prisoner learns more than ‘English’.

Future plans
There is a well equipped Library in the Prison and soon the building will be extended.  More books will be needed…..

Submitted by Sr Immaculate de A

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