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2019 02Our chapter them and logo invite us to deeper consciousness of God’s presence as the energy of Love at the heart of the Universe.    

As we grow in awareness of this Love,we come to experience and reverence our fundermental interconnectedness to each other and to all created life.

Drawn by this love,which spontaneously flows outward in zeal,we are impelled to be passionate for justice-to challenge the prevailing structures of injustice and to live in right relationship with humankind and all creation.

5F4993D7 9F21 447A ABD8 57BE7CC23D72Let us set apart time from 6.30 to 7.00 p.m. on every Monday to stay in deep contemplation together as a Community for our forthcoming Chapter.

2019 01We the sisters of Good Shepherd are getting ready for the Province Chapter 2020. The theme selected is “Drawn by Love ,passionate for justice”.Let us pray for a fruitful Chapter by uniting in prayer.

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