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On the 24th of April 2018 we begin the third part of our reflection which we started two years ago on St. M. Euphrasia so as to deepen our relationship with her. During the first year we reflected on our personal journey and our commitments linking them with the early years of the life of Rose Virginie. Last year we reflected on the theme of going “beyond the frontiers” inspired by what Mary Euphrasia did in her lifetime. This year we wish to invite you to meditate on the theme “Our Mission is alive today.”

We recall with gratitude the heritage left to us by St. M. Euphrasia at her death on the 24th of April 1868. She, who was a faithful daughter of St. Jean Eudes desired ardently that the whole world benefits from the work of salvation begun by him who said “the loving Heart of Jesus is a furnace of love, He gave us His own heart so that we could love one another.” The burning and dynamic zeal which was alive in her heart remained with her until her last breath. This was the driving force that motivated her to send her daughters to the whole world to tell God’s inconceivable love for every person; especially for women who were in difficulty.


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