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A tool for planning of child friendly safe spaces approach to community child protection programming
The following tools should be used following community research and mapping exercises to identify communities with which GS Sri Lanka will partner to address child protection priorities. The tools will be used to inform the design of the community child friendly safe spaces component of Good Shepherd Sri Lanka’s Community Level Activities for Child Protection.

  • Seek and obtain approval from Grama Sevaka.

District:    Mullaitivu
Divisional Secretariat:    Oddusuddan
Girama Niladari Division: Muthuiyankaddukulam
Number of Villages:     Jeevanagar, Katkulam, (Forest), Anaiviluntha I D Pannal, (Forest) MuththayankaddukulamIdathukarai.

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The last visit to the Grama Sevaka on 5th May 2016 has been very satisfactory. We are happy to note that he is willing to support this project as we have discussed with him the expectations of the parents and children of the village.

Good Shepherd Sri Lanka – Child Protection Home Visit.

The child friendly safe spaces approach serves as an entry point for community child protection programming of the Good Shepherds Sisters Sri Lanka, the initial step in the community engagement and consultation process to informing the development of the child friendly safe spaces programme.

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The purpose of the home visits is to establish a personal relationship with parents in the community and to use the opportunity to note any observations with regards to possible issues relating to child protection issues or risk factors.

  • We visited 377 families from two villages Jeevanagar and MuththayankaddukulamIdathukarai.
  • At Jeevanagar, Amman Kovilpulliyaddi in this area we have formed a children’s club, create a child friendly safe space.
  • We organized a workshop with these children and through the activities we found that there are a few physiologically affected children
  • Parents too have their own expectations, such as:
    • Tuition Classes, English Classes, Computer Classes, Life Education and Parenting Skill for parents
    • Awareness programs for parents regarding child protection, alcohol and drug addiction, and psycho- social support.
    • Rehabilitation for the women prostitutes and men involved in alcoholic (Kassipu) production 


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A Village Map has been drawn up with the help of some children and community leaders.



An Overview
The Good Shepherd Sisters visited a village called Gajabapura a rural village with a Sinhala Minority Community in the Welioya Division in Mullaitivu District. These people were victims of the earlier war and were forced ro move from this village to refugee camps. The M/Paranagama Wewa School of the area was also destroyed during this war in 1999 and has been reopened on 26th February 2015.

The present living conditions of these people who are under the poverty line is very pathetic, with neither proper housing nor sanitary facilities. Electricity supply is very limited and the children who are undernourished with barely one good meal a day are sent to school under dire conditions. As a result they need to be encouraged and supported emotionally, socially and economically.

Srs. Irene, Rasangi, Gowsala and Sr. Saminthini visited some of the house as a result.

We had a workshop for parents of children at the school – M/ParanagamaWewa School on 30th January 2016. It was organized by Sr. Lakshmi and a group of teachers from Colombo.

Now we are engaged in a Nutritional Program, and also visit this area creating a child friendly safe space for the children through various activities.

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01A special program was conducted by Dr. Chaminda Weerasiriwardena for all the sisters who are engaged in schools. This program was based on the psychological development of the students. All the sisters were able to enhance their knowledge from this program as the childhood education is the most important fact which directly influences the psychological development of a child.

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