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cbp2018The Child Friendly Safe Places Project was launched at Waleboda Walawa, Balangoda and Hallina Estae, Kahawatta.

The project at Waleboda Estate was inaugurated on the 1st of February in the presence of Srs. Madonna, Euphrasia, Lakshmi, Niluka, Nita, Ms. Theresa Symon, Ms.Vanitha together with the sisters involved in the project site.

His Lordship Rt. Rev. Dr. Cletus C.Perera OSB, Bishop of Ratnapura, Rev. Sr.Francine Muthugalaour Province LeaderSrs. Madonna, Euphrasia, Lakshmi, the Manager at the Estate, GramaNiladari, SamudriOfficers , Community Leaders , teachers, parents and children were present at the launching of the project at Hallina Estate on 10th March 2018.

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