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Let us re-imagine our leadership!

5 Sessions were held – one at Serene Pastures, three in Nayakakanda and one in Kandy to share the Asia Pacific Leadership Sessions. These were well attended by the Sisters and a mission partner.

The meetings began with a beautiful prayer service conducted by Sr. Francine, our Province Leader. Then it was followed by asking the participants their expectations from these training sessions. An attractive Centre Piece on which were placed different objects gave the sisters an opportunity to observe and share their feelings regarding what touched their hearts and their leadership qualities. This also gave us food for thought as we move from a Hierarchical Model of Leadership to one of Participatory Model.

Sr. Francine’s presentation made us aware of our leadership qualities and led us to reflect and to re-imagine our leadership as Good Shepherd Sisters. Every session was followed by a group sharing and open discussion. Sr. Selinta presented two types of leadership and two types of leaders; Spiritual and false leadership, born and made leaders. She invited the sisters to develop qualities of an effective leader in the society. The day ended with an interesting session on leadership and evolution by Sr. Prisca.

On the Second Day Sr. Anita gave us a glimpse of the Socio Cultural World of Jesus. It made us aware of Jesus’ mission here on earth even with those excluded by the society. Then we were taken on a journey to our Mother House in Angers by Sr. Euphrasia through her presentation. This helped to take our minds to the missionary realities and the missionary journey. Following this Sr. Madonna presented the need to widen the leadership circle and invited us to become midwives to give birth to suffering and marginalized ones.

The Third Day was launched with the attractive reflection “TRASNA” which means crossing place. In life journey, each of us has to face our realities with many crossings, both easy and difficult. As leaders how do we face life? Which ways do we choose? Thereafter, Sr. Selinta took over the stage and shared about the lay partners and the history of mission partners’ birth in the Congregation. We as a Province realized that we were slow to be open to this TRUST in the lay partners.

This session ultimately led us leave with positive thoughts that we can change and can face challenges in the future for the betterment of our lives and others.

In fulfillment of the Chapter Directive” to have more Counselling Centres, the Province has been blessed with yet another Counselling Centre – “Green Meadow” to help our participants in the programme and is situated in Nayakakanda. It was blessed and opened on the 17th January 2015. Sr. Lakshmi will be the Co-ordinator of this Centre. We wish her all God’s blessings.


The teaching sisters assembled at Nayakakanda for the Teaching Sisters’ Seminar as scheduled in the Year Planner on 9th May 2015. The two days spent together were found to be very profitable.
On the first day the sisters were enlightened by the creative presentations of Rev. Fr. Everest – a Claretian Priest on various aspects. His reflections were based on the teachings of Pope Francis for consecrated people and on the spirituality of St. Mary Euphrasia. He highlighted the importance of daily spiritual reading. He also emphasized the need to be compassionate in our dealings with those around us, and more so with the students we handle in our day to day activities.

The next day our Province Leader Sr. Francine Muthugala addressed us. She commenced the day asking a few questions in on order to refresh us. She then spoke on Challenges in Leadership, guiding us with the “Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership” as given by Kouzes and Posner.
It was also a pleasure to welcome Rev. Fr. Ranjith Madurawela the General Manager of Catholic Schools on this day. It was indeed a special day as it gave us the opportunity to express our gratitude to him as he relinquished his office.

The day concluded with a meaningful prayer service.

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