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A call went out to teachers coming under the umbrella of Good Shepherd Partnership to join hands with the sisters in infusing the Charism of the Good Shepherd.


Two sessions were conducted for teachers serving in our schools in the Colombo Region by resource personnel Sr. Francine Muthugala, Province Leader, Sr. Celinta Fernando, Provincial Councillor and Fr. Darrel Coonge of Supuwath Arana.


The 1st session was at held at St. Bridget’s Convent on 20th April 2015 and was attended by the staff of St. Bridget’s Convent and St. Lawrence’s Convent. The 2nd was at Supuwath Arana on 21st April for the staff of Good Shepherd Convent, Kotahena, Good Shepherd Convent, Panadura and Ave Maria Convent, Negombo.


The main objective of these sessions was “A Call for Mission Partnership”. Considering the Province as a whole there are as many as one thousand or more mission partners who are serving as educationists. It was important to share with them the Charism of the Good Shepherd and share ways and means of inculcating first in themselves and then in the hearts of our children and parents Good Shepherd Values.


We were happy to note that the participants enjoyed these sessions and was fully appreciated. It also gave them an opportunity to meet and get acquainted with their colleagues from different Good Shepherd Schools. At the conclusion of these sessions a large committee comprising 5 representatives each from the participatory schools was formed. The responsibility of this committee is to co-ordinate the whole group in future activities promoting mission partnership.


Sr. Celinta – Sri Lanka

Congrats! to the Leadership team for being effective transmitters of the ICA Eco Sessions. The God of the Dance captured our minds and hearts to a gentle, graceful & holistic movement of Prayer. Thanks to our Mission Partner Nisansala.

– The Mystery of Love dwelling in us perceived in the now –

It was indeed an opportunity and blessing to be interconnected and strengthened in our regional bonds that link us up with the forth coming General Chapter, calling forth, all of us participants to a single minded Commitment, enabling us to be re-energized with our God experience.

In this journey of Faith and Communion, flowing into our Charism of Liberation and Salvation, unlocking structures , moving forward in the process of risking & daring, while unfolding our Mission of Reconciliation & Justice within the frame work of prayer. Look out for a transformation within & without as we gather inspiration from Scriptures Jn. 4 / 1 - 42

Remember the dialogue Jesus had with the Samaritan woman , who enthusiastically plunged herself into being a Missionary – Committed to bring the Good News to whoever she met. Recall the African Poem: ‘ If you want to go fast, go alone / If you want to go far, go together’ – Sr. John Storey


13th of April 2015 was a memorable day to the Vocation Promotion Team as they organized New Year Celebrations for the prospective candidates to the Good Shepherd Congregation. It was a privilege and joy to gather 75 of them along with some of their parents. The event which was held at the Good Shepherd School Grounds, Nayakakanda commenced with a presentation by the Province Leaders, Sr. Francine Muthugala. Many sisters too were present at this occasion.

The lighting of the traditional oil lamp and sharing of “kiribath” with all present started the day’s programme, and this was followed with many traditional “avuruthu” games. As there were many games organized it gave all present an opportunity to enjoy and participate and to carry home memories of the day.

This day was yet more important as it gave the candidates an opportunity to interact with one another in a spirit of joy and celebration.

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