IMG 20191022 WA0017With the Vision “to make our Congregation Universally known” and with the Mission, “ to maintain a connectedness between the past, present and future of our Congregation in Sri Lanka by capturing the lives, stories and what people have meant to others and preserve them along after memory has faded,” the Archives and Museum for the province of Sri Lanka/ Pakistan was declared open on the 21st of October by Rev Sr. Mary Francine Muthugala, Province Leader and blessed by Rev. Fr. Angelo Wijewickrama, OMI, in the presence of the province leadership and the local leaders.

In the introductory speech the following was mentioned. When a bamboo seed is planted, the Chinese farmer will not see the sprouting of the tender leaves shortly. Instead, he has to take care of it, nurture it, and wait patiently for a period of at least five long years, when one night, a tall bamboo tree shoots up, making feel everyone wonder with awe. 

Likewise, the need of an Archives and Museum had been a dream to our province, during the past years which was first in a petty wall cabinet, then in a small room. With the various preparations for the Sesquicentennial Anniversary of the Good Shepherd presence in the province, a team was given the mandate to create an Archives and Museum. Experiencing the divine intervention in a great deal and based on prayer and miracles, the team members were able to give birth to Reflect... Research... Refresh.

Srs. Winifreda Perera, Magdalene Francis, Chandrika Perera and Iolanthi Nicholas, with the help of many Sisters and lay collaborators, worked enthusiastically sharing their ideas and experiencing sisterly support.

 Addressing the gathering, Sr. Francine Muthugala said, "This is a need of the time and may this Museum convey Good Shepherd Spirituality, our history our present ministries and social commitments throughout the world. We also hope this Museum will challenge visitors to respond to the social needs around them."  

"As it will expand with more facilities in the future, I wish it would be a great asset to the future generations to take up our mission in the way forward with much love and loyalty to our heritage," she also said.

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