"Why can't we have the Sisters Magdalen in Sri Lanka?" This was a question posed by gentle, hardworking Sr. Dolorosa, one of the ten Auxiliary Sisters at our St Euphrasia's Home, Nayakakanda." Better pray harder, Sister Dolo" was the answer of Sr. Holy Rosary Lee, the Mistress of the Home. Yes, they prayed harder, as finally in 1958, Mother Mary of Good Counsel Millls, Provincial Superior arranged for Hilda Rodrigo to enter the Novitiate in Bangalore, on 17th April 1958. At her clothing she received the name, Sr. Magdalene of the Holy Redeemer. She made her first profession on 22nd July 1961.

Encouraged by Hilda's success, Sr. Dolores and Dorothy Silva went to the Bangalore Novitiate, the next July. Less than one year later, Visa problems arose and the three Sisters - one professed, and two postulants had to leave India, by 31st May 1963. They were brought to their new Novitiate in Bolawalana, Negombo, Sri Lanka. After over seven years of fervent religious life, Sr. Charlotte of the Dolours went to her reward in heaven.

On 12th October 1975, the Contemplative Sisters transferred to the Halgashena Estate, Hanwella, some 25 miles from Colombo. Then again in 1989, a house was built for them in Nayakakanda, and they came to reside in this new and permanent place of their own. As the number grew another house was opened at Niripola, Hanwella on 25th November 1992. The two Communities now number 15 final professed Sisters and 01 temporary professed.

With the renewal which has taken place in the Congregation with regard to the Contemplative Sisters, they have also opened their doors to the people around them. There are numerous requests for prayers through the phone and many come personally to share their problems and difficulties in life. They also conduct hours of adoration on Friday and Sunday and a large number of people join them.

As our Saintly Mother Foundress says, “They are our ardent power house of prayer and merit which is the source of much of the untold progress of the works of the Good Shepherd.” (La Ven. Mere Ste. Euphrasie Pelletier, Sa vie, Son oeuvre, Ses vertus. 1898)

Now we are in three communities

  • » Nayakakanda.
  • » Kalamulla.
  • » Niripola.


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