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Birthing to Interiority invited to the Change of One's Life!!!

‘Birthing to Interiority’ was the renewal program conducted by the Continuing Formation Committee for the young final professed sisters between 10 -15 years of Profession of the Sri Lanka/Pakistan province. This was held at Bolawalana, Serene Pastures, from 04th – 30th April, 2021.

The journey of Birthing to interiority began with a great affirmation saying that’’ you are a blessing to usand to our province’’. The programme commenced with a creative introduction to enter into a wonderful-exciting tunnel.   The marvellous tunnel of so many unique compartments was prepared by the members of the committee with a variety of things symbolising both the positives and negatives of many stages in our day-to-day living. This created much curiosity that helped us to gradually enter into a glorious heavenly experience. Sr. Nishanthi, the programme co-ordinator, together with the members of the committee warmly welcomed each one of us and gently paved the way to enter into the process.

Then we were invited to ponder on 12 Radical Steps towards the Wholistic way of living, adapted from Joan Chittister. The session on the 12 steps of humility, was conducted by Sr. Dhammi, she gave us a good understanding of 'what humility is’.   Humility is the key of our living and it is the greatest virtue that one can gain in life. Sr. Maryanne Perera, our province leader, challenged us and helped us to ponder upon this virtue by reflecting on Philippians 2: 6 – 11. Sr. Maryanne invited us to follow our true model Jesus, who was obedient unto death, death on a cross and she reminded us, that we are called for a servant leadership. We were motivated by Sr. Nishanthi for the journal writing. She reminded us that the journal writing is a search for inner self which leads us to find God in all the circumstances.

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