Mission Partners

Lay collaborators Sri Lanka 

Birthday of our loved Foundress is indeed a great day for our Good Shepherd family. This year it was very significant to us the sisters of Sri Lanka / Pakistan as we joined with our dear Mother Euphrasia in singing our praises to the Good Shepherd for the opportunity given to us to share our charism with many more brothers and sisters. After experiencing the Good Shepherd and being involved in our mission of reconciliation and compassion for more than a year , 14 Good Shepherd partners made their commitment at Good Shepherd Convent, Nayakakanda.

On this day they prepared themselves in prayer and silence; it was a time for them to deepen their understanding of their commitment. Sr. Jacintha Maria led them during this time to experience the Good Shepherd in a deeper way.

At 2.30 p.m. the commitment service was held, with the lay partners entering the hall with lighted candles in their hands. It was indeed a joy to see them approaching the image of St. M. Euphrasia with such gratitude and love in their hearts. Four of our Good Shepherd communities – Kotahena, Veviveriya, Katukurunda and Balangoda had prepared these young people. I am sure this was a loving birthday gift to our Foundress – what joy may have filled her as she continues to call us “Go and extend the mercies of God”.


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