Spirituality Centre

‘Serene Pastures’ Spirituality Centre is a long felt dream of the Province for a place of reflection, prayer and relaxation. This centre situated in Bolawalana, Negombo was opened in October 2013.

Serene Pastures provides a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere for silence and solitude. Empowering all those who enter in, the goal is to ‘shepherd the inward journey’ – a journey of discovering the Divine within and thus be agents in spreading the presence of the Divine – peace, love and joy to others.

This centre is opened to religious, priests and the laity, with a desire to enable the best in each person. The community of ‘Serene Pastures’ together with the staff strive to create an environment that is enabling and life giving.

The services provided in this centre include individual rooms with common bath and toilet facilities. Conference room facilities, prayer room and a beautiful garden space. The surroundings are indeed conducive for retreats, days of recollection, sessions etc.

SERENE PASTURES’ offers a quiet, relaxing atmosphere to rest, reflect and be energized…


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